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Sunday, December 21, 2008

We All Belong

Last spring I took part in a fundraising art auction for the We All Belong Foundation sponsored by the Wabi Iron and Steel Corp. Local artists were invited to the plant where we each chose a piece of hand-picked scrap, took it back to our studios, turned it into a piece of art which was then auctioned off. Peter Birnie, president of Wabi Corp., and the driving force behind We All Belong and the auction, converted a hundred year old workshop on the plant property into a wonderful gallery space. The auction was a success. My piece of art, "So Much More Than Just a Number" sold for a decent price and will hang locally in the new Mental Health offices.

I loved every part of it! From choosing my piece of scrap, to figuring out what on earth to do with it, to hanging the completed work in the gallery and watching it sell - the whole process was a wonderful experience. The best part was rubbing elbows with all of the creative and positive people involved. Click on this post's title to find out more about the We All Belong auction and to see the amazing work donated by the artists.

Anyway, I had been wondering when the information about next year's auction would come out, when I received a package in the mail from Wabi Corp. It wasn't the expected invitation, though, rather it was a note from Peter, thanking me for my support of the creation of the first We All Belong fundraising auction! He also included a Day Planner created by the Temiskaming Art Gallery. This man really knows how to treat his volunteers! He has a lot of respect for the local artists and artisans, and works hard to promote them.

I can't wait for the We All Belong Auction 2009!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joining the Selling Online Movement

Well, I finally made the plunge and opened an online store! It's at (see link at top right). I've even made a sale already - to the US no less! Not a big sale, but it is a start.
Here a photo of the first item sold from my shop. Told you it wasn't a big sale!
I think this will be a fine way to showcase my artwork and jewellery. I'm not able to sell out of my studio. It is strictly a working studio without an area to nicely display my wares. The online shop will reach so many more people than was possible before.
A new venture is always a great way to end the year, and gives me a head start for next year!