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Monday, March 02, 2009

Art Sale for Kiva

Ellen over at Creative Laundry is having a Give-away and Sale of some of her artwork, with proceeds to go to Kiva.
Kiva is an organization that pays out micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Hats off to Ellen for supporting such a worthwhile cause!

On a more mundane (but still rewarding to me) topic, the title-less painting from my previous post now has a name! My creatively inspired sister-in-law suggested "Illusions", which seemed to me to be a perfect fit, so "Illusions" it is!

The painting was done at a mini-workshop given by local Temiskaming Shores artist Faye Digulla. The workshop was all about creating and using textures in paintings. We had a blast playing with the different mediums and materials that Faye brought with her. Modelling paste, drywall compound, white glue, sand, eggshells, fabric, paper, and more were glopped, sprinkled, dripped onto gessoed canvas.

Because many of the mediums used take several hours or days to dry, Faye textured some canvasses ahead of time and brought them to the workshop for us to paint. She randomly handed us each a canvas (she wouldn't let us choose our own!) which we were then to paint. It was interesting to see how each artist interpreted the canvas they were given!

The workshop, sponsored by the Temiskaming Art Gallery, was loads of fun, and a wonderful opportunity to share some creative time with other artists.

"Illusions is for sale in my Etsy Shop.


Beth - IndieNorth said...

That sounds like a fascinating workshop! And Illusions is just gorgeous. What an interesting technique - the use of so many different textures...and you'd never know exactly how each one would turn out...neat!

Julie B said...

It is an interesting technique. A great way to loosen up and let go of some control!

Julie B said...

Oh, I forgot to say thanks for your kind words about my painting! (Got a little click happy...)