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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gracie the Whippet Watercolour Portrait Continued

watercolour whippet dog portrait by Julie A. Brown Wabi Brook Studio
My blog has been sadly neglected lately. I've been running madly off in all directions, making preparations for my booth at the International Plowing Match coming up in September, selling every Saturday morning at the local Farmer's Market, helping my daughter get ready to go off to university, and the list goes on. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

I have managed to squeeze out some time to work on Gracie. The reference photos I have are not very good, which makes it quite challenging to get the coat colour correct! I'm still working in watercolour, and managed to lighten most of my initial drawing which was much too dark. I've added a few more layers of washes to the background and to Gracie. It is starting to come together, but I still don't feel that I've got the balance of values correct. So, lots of work yet to do!

I've also started working the commission with the two Shepherds Keady and Blue again. I posted their reference photo quite a while ago. I had the initial sketch done, and then had to quit because of my darn shoulder. The position that I have while drawing aggravated it a lot, and it's just been over the last couple of days that I've felt that I might be able to draw again for short periods of time. I will post the work-in-progress when I have a bit more finished.


Miriam said...

You are always most kind, Julie! I love your painting so far. Actually, knowing me, I'd be happy with it just the way it is...a sort of "abstract" kitty. I just took a photo of my cat today that you would enjoy. Hey, maybe since you are in Canada, and I'm in the U.S. we could somehow figure out that Paypal button together? ;)

Julie B said...

Miriam, I would love to do some more abstract portrait work. Perhaps when I get these realistic commissions out of the way, I will be able to play! I would be happy to share anything I can find out about the dratted Paypal button.