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Thursday, January 08, 2009

No Time to Paint!

I thought that, after a busy autumn focusing on selling, I'd be able to jump right in to painting and creating in the new year. It hasn't worked out that way so far! Now I'm up to my eyebrows in website building. At the rate I'm going, it might be completed by spring. I took a couple of courses on website building and coding, but that was about two years ago. A case of use it or lose it - I didn't use it and it seems I have lost much of it. Ah well, frustrating though it is, I do derive some satisfaction from working through issues and having something to show for it all at the end.

I have been thinking a lot about painting, in between dredging up long forgotten pieces of code. Last fall I painted this picture of Wabi Creek as seen from my garden. I really need to get busy and paint a winter version. It won't be quite the same view - the snow is so deep I can't even get to my garden, and it is too cold to paint outside anyway - but I have nearly the same view looking out my front window. Or, perhaps I can get close enough to my garden to take some photos. Painting from life is so much more satisfying, though.....

By the way, Wabi Creek Autumn is for sale at the Foto Shop gallery on Lakeshore Road in New Liskeard for those living in the Temiskaming Shores area, and also online at my Etsy shop.

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