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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Reluctant Spring at Wabi Brook Studio and More Jewellery

daffodil at Wabi Brook Studioforsythia at Wabi Brook StudioSpring is ever so slowly making an appearance at Wabi Brook Farm.

My daffodils are stubbornly refusing to open, but I noticed on my way from t
he studio to the house that our poor forsythia bush actually had a few flowers on a branch right above the ground. Our little micro-climate is a little too cold for it, and it rarely has many flowers. It is always a pleasant surprise to see the bright yellow bells on the bare stems. I noticed that some ants seemed very happy to see the flowers, too, crawling in them to find some nectar.

We've had a couple of warm days in a row, enough to make one think
about packing away the long underwear, and other winter apparel, but I think that would be tempting fate - especially this spring!

Even though it was warm out today, the breeze was cool, and I noticed my daughter's little dog stretched out in the lee of the wind beside a pile of hay.
Tilly at Wabi Brook Studio

I've not been able to do much in the way of serious drawing or painting lately because of a shoulder injury. So, while the portrait commissions pile up, I've been focussing on making jewellery. Here is the latest piece:
wire-wrapped dichroic glass pendant by Julie A. Brown Wabi Brook Studio
Delicately coloured pink/violet fused dichroic glass is discreetly wrapped with high quality sterling silver plated wire. If the light hits the pendant a certain way, a hint of pale green appears.

It is extremely difficult to photograph the colours in dichroic glass. The colours appear richer in person.

The glass was designed and fused by Sudbury, Ontario glass artist Cheryl Olafson of Visions in Glass. This is one of many pieces on which we have collaborated.

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Laure Ferlita said...

Ouch! Hope the shoulder heals soon, in the meanwhile, your jewelry is beautiful!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

That piece is so lovely@!