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Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring Has Sprung Weekend Sale!

The snow is nearly gone in my neck of the woods. I can finally get to my clothesline and hang clothes out to dry! The rhubarb is up, the ice is out of the creek, and the horses are shedding. Yup, spring has sprung! To celebrate, I'm having a Spring has Sprung Weekend Sale ! 25% off everything - Art and Jewellery - at Wabi Brook Studio's Etsy Shop! Sale runs until midnight on Sunday.

I think I might plant a few early peas today.


LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

What a great sale! I also made a spring sale in my etsy shop. Spring is WONDERFUL! Good Luck!


Beth - IndieNorth said...

Yay for spring! Beautiful pictures...I can't believe the coat on that pretty horsey!

Julie B said...

Thank you Lisa. I hope your sale goes well!

Beth, she is shaggy isn't she! This is one of our retired school ponies. I find that light-coloured horses grow a much longer coat than the dark-coloured ones do.
Thanks for stopping by!